1. ¿Cómo es tu vida con la Web? –Describe tus día utilizando esta tecnología y red. Habla de cómo usas la Web, de lo que te gusta y también de lo que no te gusta o que encuentras complejo o dañino para tí.
  • My life in the web is very active, since is one of my primary sources of my daily life. Reason being because I can take advantage of the easy access to information, or enjoy a conversation with a loved one. I personally like to use the internet to learn, watch movies, and talk to my friends, since is a very great source for rapid communication. On the contrary, the web is also known for their lack of security and false information, creating a problem to any user. Although their are many questionable aspects from the web, there are many ways to avoid these in order to enjoy the great tool that the web can be.

"I Love Windows Phone"

(Photo:”I Love Windows Phone”By:Robert Stinnett licence CC)

2. ¿Cómo sería tu vida sin la Web? –Seguramente, sería distinta a tu vida de hoy.

  • My life without the web, would be very different from the one I have now. One of the reasons of why I believe this, is because I need vines to live. Vines are funny videos that distract me from my everyday life by bringing me joy. Also, with the web I am able to study in a way that is more efficient because of the convenience of having it at all times. Lastly, I find the web to be such a big part of my life since I was born into the generation of advanced technology.

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