Assignment 5: #DoNotTrack

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(Photo: Love decal sticker macbook keyboard decal Macbook Keyboard cover Macbook Pro Keyboard decal Skin Macbook Air Sticker keyboard Macbook decal by: Dinda meicistaria)

During the course of the human life, we are bound to change our environment to the most technological way possible. With this new advances, our lives have become easier and even more conformable than others before us. Yet with this level of a fast pacing technological world, there also comes a great deal of consequences that you may not know about. Joined with Do Not Track, we’ll discover how much we know about the technology we use in our daily lives.

Do not track, is a website who teaches people and help them get educated on what really is going on when they use their devices. This being since on our daily lives we all have some addictions, whether it’s caffeine, a hobby or simply scrolling down the internet. These are various aspects that compose our lives and even our personalities. Just like friends get to see you in real life and know you through your daily activities; Through the use of “cookies” and data, various companies can also learn more from you. Giving them the opportunity of sending ads of your personal interest for monetary purposes.With the constant use of “cookies” in our lives comes the question, what are “cookies”? Cookies are text files, design to receive information. They are used for the benefits of companies that need viewers that will eventually will become consumers.

Over the past years many people, including myself, have discovered of the big monopoly that technology really is. This is obviously a thing that influences everyone since they literally gather up information about the person for there convenience. Another aspect that really suprised me was the fact that these researches have an impact in your credit and overall life, because by gathering information on you, companies can monitor your financial, personal and even future statuses that can affect you in the long run.

In conclusion, now a days, with the technology that we’ve gained over the years, it is not uncommon to assumed that it wont be used to obtain personal information. Starting with the simplicity of a Facebook post, to you’re security number from bank accounts. Knowing of how much personal information is taken from a single click can be a little frightening yet I believe that as long as people are using the internet in a wholesome way, there is no need to worry.


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