Road trip around Puerto Rico

In the beautiful island of Puerto Rico, there is an endless amount of activities to do. From the amazing beaches, and the breathtaking views to the exquisite taste of puerto rican cuisine. I invite you to go out and explore the beauty of this island and to find the hidden treasures within.

My road trip begins in San Juan Puerto Rico as a starting point.

Then it continues on to Isabela, where you can enjoy some of their magnificent beaches like “Montones”, or Jobos beach.

Joba Beach, Puerto Rico

(Photo: Joba Beach, Puerto Rico by Trish Hartmann)

Up next is a wonderful time at the “Teatro Yagüez”, where you can see some of the great plays or shows they offer.

.teatro yaguez.

(Photo: .teatro yaguez. by cavenaghi9)

One of the historic sites of Puerto Rico, can be found in Ponce. “El parque de las bombas”, is a great place to visit and to learn a little bit more of the story of the island.

Parque de Bombas - Ponce, PR

(Photo: Parque de Bombas – Ponce, PR by wegstudio)

Another of the great attractions that Puerto Rico offers, is the hidden treasures that is the flora. Next place being “El charco azul” in Patillas, where you can enjoy a great day at a river with your family.

Finally ending the road trip at our starting point, in San Juan, where you can find one of the most beautiful sites that Puerto Rico can offer in the Old San Juan. Making it a trip to remember. Enjoy!

Old San Juan, Puerto Rico

(Photo: Old San Juan, Puerto Rico by Emilio Santacoloma)

-In total, this trip takes about 5 hrs and 58 min, with a total of 240 miles.

The San Juan Daily Star 





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